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Donna Walker-Ross, 3rd Vice President

Workforce Policy Advisor Donna Walker-Ross of the United States Coast Guard played a leading role in developing the Coast Guard's award-winning Diversity Strategic Plan.

Walker Ross's efforts helped the Coast Guard win honors as a government-wide leader in diversity and inclusion best practices, winning the 2011 citation from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

In her position as a diversity outreach manager in the Coast Guard's Office of Diversity, Walker-Ross was involved in championing diversity, managing developmental education and diversity awareness opportunities.

"I'm very proud of the work we've done," said Walker-Ross. "One of our best practices is the Diversity Outreach Board. We used the board as a team to evaluate programs and events and to align initiatives while promoting the commandant's diversity strategy. Then, we developed and carried out a national strategy that has increased the Coast Guard's presence in communities and organizations."

The commitment with leadership accountability resulted in 42 flag officers and senior executive service members participating in national outreach events such as BEYA STEM and WOC STEM as attendees or speakers, as well as promoting and enhancing the role of minorities in the federal workforce and community.

The Office of Diversity developed the Coast Guard's Diversity Strategic Plan with five goals: To assure a diverse workforce through all-hands commitment with leadership accountability; fully utilize communication and focus groups to improve the workforce cultural climate; expand outreach to achieve access opportunity for underrepresented populations; ensure equitable hiring and career opportunity for all employees; and optimize training and education to enhance diversity management and leadership skill sets.

Achievement of these goals is what led to the success of the program. In a Coast Guard release, Capt. Andres V. Delgado, chief of the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Diversity and Inclusion, said Ms. Walker-Ross passed away Tuesday, December 29th after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Ms. Walker-Ross will be recognized for her service to country, leadership, accomplishment and commitment to attract, retain and support a diverse workforce during the 2016 Stars and Stripes event at the BEYA STEM conference in Philadelphia, PA next February.

Article by: Black Engineers Magazine