Coast Guard Chapter of Blacks In Government

Past Presidents

Coming together is the beginning , Keeping together is progress, Working together is success. 
-Henry Ford
  • Kristina Williams, 2016-2017

  • Michael Burt, 2012- 2015

  • Gail Jackson, 2008-2011

  • Larry Houston, 2007-2004

  • Loverna Miller, 2001-2003

The Coast Guard Chapter of Blacks In Government History

On August 12, 2001, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) granted permission to establish a chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG) at the USCG Headquarters in Washington, D.C. On September 5, 2001, a small group of personnel at USCG Headquarters met to consider establishing a BIG chapter. Mrs. Loverna Miller chaired the meeting. Mr. Rawle O. King, President, Region XI Council (BIG) and Mr. J. David Reeves, Director, Region X l Council (BIG) were in attendance along with 18 USCG personnel. Mrs. Miller kicked off the meeting by explaining the purpose of the meeting and Mr. Rawle O. King gave a background brief on how the BIG organization was started and what it stood for today. It was voted to establish a chapter and the appropriate paperwork was submitted. Effective, November 17, 2001, the USCG Chapter of BIG was notified that the National Board of Directors of BIG authorized the chartering of the chapter in accordance with the BIG National Constitution. The chapter is located within the jurisdiction of Region XI. The official issuance of the chapter occured at the 2002 National Training Conference in Atlanta, GA. Worthy of noting, the chapter started with 12 original members and in less than five months grew to 61 members. In 2008, the Coast Guard Chapter Headquarters changed its name to the Coast Guard Chapter. The founding members are: Ms. Loverna Miller, (G-WP),  Mr. Vernon Graham (G-MRP-3),  Ms. Christina Campbell (G-CPA),   Ms. Valeria Smith CGPC(adm-3, . Sandra Davis-Johnson(G-MRP) , Ms. Lashawn Leitzsey (G-D), -Ms.. Tina Calvert (G-HE) ,  Mr. Larry Houston (G-HE), Ms.. Phyllis Dula (G-WPM), Ms. Latasha Thompson (G-D)
Ms. Nette Moment (G-S), Mr. Jerry Jones HSC (EEO)

Standing Committees

Programs & Plans; LaShanda Jones

The Program & Plans Committee is responsible for providing members a fundamental support
network, leveraging lucrative capital ventures, motivation, training to support career change goals, and providing an opportunity for members to affect global change through community outreach efforts.

Finance Committee; Vacant

The Finance committee is responsible for the financial accountability of the chapter. This committee will be responsible for, but not limited to, determining the cost of the chapter's
programs and reporting to the chapter membership the feasibility of implementing these programs.  Assist the Program and Planning Chair in working with local community and businesses to obtain special rates and discounts on chapter events, discounts and special rates on products and services through possible sponsorship.

By Laws & Resolutions Committee; Christina Campbell and Darren Hill, Chairs

This committee is lead on updating the bylaws.
Members: Kristina Williams, Gail Jackson, Mary Cunningham

Community Outreach Activities Subcommittee; Vacant 

This committee is responsible for developing outreach activities for the chapter's participation, such as the annual thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways, school supply and coat drives ;includes working with the P&P in establishing a budget. The Community Outreach Activities committee is dedicated to supporting the efforts of community activities.

Hospitality Subcommittee; Vacant

This committee is responsible for providing gestures of support to members during periods of
illnesses, bereavement, celebrations, and refreshments for official chapter affairs.  Recognize members birthdays, anniversaries and any special occasion during general membership meetings. 

Awards Subcommittee; Gwenda Bradford, Chair

This committee is responsible for developing the nominating, review and selection criteria for awards to
be presented to chapter members.  Each year the Chapter will present awards in the following categories: Outstanding Community Service, Leadership, and Presidential. Serve as coordinator for the chapter annual holiday awards program.

Fundraising Subcommittee; Gwenda Bradford, Chair
Members: Kristina Williams, Darren Hill, Michael Burt

This committee is responsible for developing and coordinating fundraising

Communications and Public Relations; Marlo Mullen, Chair

This committee is responsible for distributing BIG information to members, developing and
printing of all published documents of the chapter and shall be responsible for all contacts with the media. The primary purpose of this committee is to assure public exposure of the chapter. The committee will also disseminate information via the CG BIG webpage.  This committee is responsible for maintaining the chapter's website and updating routinely to ensure the most current information is accessible by Chapter members.

Membership Committee; Mary Cunningham, Chair

This committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining chapter members. The Membership Committee shall develop and implement membership activities which will be directed to employees to join the chapter and project the philosophy, goals and objectives of the organization, at least one membership drive annually.

Audit Committee; Vacant

The Audit Committee shall be responsible for performing audits on the Chapter financial records and treasurer reports.

Scholarship Committee; Gail Jackson, Chair 

This committee is responsible for awarding scholarships to local high school students annually.

Oratorical and STEM Committee; Mishieka Thomas, Chair
Members: Michael Burt and Kristina Williams
This is a subcommittee under the scholarship committee. This committee is responsible for conducting the oratorical and STEM Competition annually.

EEO/Affirmative Action; Vacant

This committee is responsible for keeping the members informed on new EEO/Affirmative Action legislation
or cases under review.  Attend/Participate in Region XI EEO Meetings and review regional reports.

Special Appointments

Parliamentarian, (Vacant)

Spiritual Life Committee, Rev. Dr. Joanne Ward

Nomination Committee, TBD
Election Committee: TBD

Regional Representatives

The Region XI Representative is responsible for attending and representing
the Chapter at regional meetings, which are held the on the 2nd Saturday or
every month. The regional rep will have the responsibility of voting on
behalf of the Chapter if necessary. The rep shall provide a verbal or
written report to membership. The chapter has three regional reps.

2019 Regional Reps: Penny Collins, William Speight and Kristina Williams
2019 Alternate Reps: Glenn Grayer, Mary Cunningham, Gail Jackson and Mahalia Warren

Chapter Delegates

The National Delegates Assembly is one of the most critical forums of Blacks
In Government.  Local chapter delegates, who represent their respective
chapter members, become the operating arm of this organization when in
session. Chapter Delegates represent chapter members during Delegates
Assembly. Delegates shall participate in the Regional Caucus nomination
process, shall consider for approval the Annual Audit and Treasurer's
Reports, shall consider for approval the Proposed Amendments to the National
Constitution and proposed Resolutions, shall ratify previous actions by the
National Board of Directors and National Executive Committee including
suspension or revocation of chapter charters, All Delegates are elected by
their chapters. Primary Delegates vote on all business issues including
elections. Alternate Delegates serve in the absence of the primary.

2018 Primary & Alternate Delegates:  (8): Glenn Grayer, Kristina Williams, Penny Collins, William Speight, Gail Jackson, Larry Houston, Glenn Grayer, Alona Reed and Darren Hill

2019 Primary & Alternate Delegates: (8) TBD